Boobs Fiesta Party Banner
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Boobs Fiesta Party Banner



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The best way to let guests know that things are going to be getting naughty is with over-the-top boob-themed decorations, and one of the best over-the-top boob-themed decorations is the Boobs Fiesta Pennant Banner. Slap this baby on any visible wall of the party space, and they`ll know what`s up. In fact, we recommend lining the entry hall or foyer with them. If your guests can`t handle an immediate army of boobs in their face, they probably aren`t ready for your party. The Boobs Fiesta Pennant Banner measures 20 feet / 6 meters long. It is comprised of triangular pennants with cartoon boobs on them, held together with a durable white string.

Manufacturer: Ozze Creations
UPC: 623849032980
Weight: 0.2200 ounces